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Perth is home (and a home away from home) to a diverse and brilliant community of creative minds. Lawson Flats is a club created especially for this community – the members – (you!) – to bring in the best of your worlds. Where a work day can feel like a holiday. A space where chance encounters have their odds bumped up. A catalyst for collaboration – and it’s in this spirit that we begin this journey. Membership is just one way to become involved, sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

We see art as an essential part of a thriving city – one of the good bits of life that makes all the traffic and paperwork worthwhile. Our growing collection includes commissions by: Andrew Nicholls, Gian Manik, Jay Staples, Lance Delary-Simpson, Nadia HernándezNathan Beard, Stephen Brameld and Toni Wilkinson. Not to mention, spaces curated by Andrew Varano of Sweet Pea, and by Luisa Hansal and Leigh Craft of Pig Melon.


Lawson Flats has so far enjoyed contributions from:

Nathan Beard
Jo Bennett
Paul Bentley
Ali Bodycoat
Sarah Booth
Dan Bourke
Ron Bradfield Jnr
Stephen Brameld
Shane Carey
James Connolly
Leigh Craft
Lance Delary-Simpson
Emma Farrelly
Adrian Fini
Alessio Fini
Luisa Hansal
Nadia Hernández
Josh Hills
Kate Hulett
Lloyd Johnson
Scott King
Annika Kristensen
Elena Limnios
Patrick Little
Jen Lowe
Shannon Malone
Gian Manik
Angus McBride
Freya Mengler
Patrick Miller
Kauri Minhinnick
Andrew Nicholls
Gaia Sebastiani
Nicola Somerville
Courtney James Smith
Jay Staples
Jake Sylvester
Andrew Varano
Simon Webster
Toni Wilkinson

We intend that Lawson Flats' contribution to the community extends beyond the club walls. Here are some good things currently in the works.