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Luis’ is our bar + dining room – open early in the morning, and serving late into the night. Usually elegant, often simple, always classic. Bring your people and let the long table sway. Or slip in and dine by yourself – at Luis’, even if the table is set for one you’re never alone.

Based loosely on Luis’ Restaurant Classique, our modern iteration is comprised of two rooms, a bar and a dining room with various partitions. In many ways, Luis’ sits at a crossroads – between bistro and bar; between day and night; between then and now. There are echoes of the past – the friendly setting, the name, the unusual objects – but Luis’ is very much of today.

The room features an expansive work by Jay Staples and Stephen Brameld; the service is approachable and enlightened; and the changing city can be glimpsed out the windows. While the standard is always excellent, no two visits will be the same.